Artikelnummer 25523723

K&M 23723

Universal klampfäste med 3/8" gänga för att fästa exempelvis en mikrofonarm. Omfång fäste: 10 - 51 mm

430,00 kr/st

Clamp with a 3/8" threaded connector is a true all-rounder. The threaded bolt can be fixed in four different directions using the universal spanner included. The clamp can also be extended using additional or other threaded bolts (1/4", 3/8“, 5/8“). Having a clamping range of 10 to 51 mm the clamp is suitable for a wide spectrum of mounting. The stable metal construction with high quality plastic inserts guarantees a secure and strong hold. The cleverly shaped clamping parts allow the clamp to be used on smooth surfaces and round-shaped tubes.