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EM Nordic AB

Hagström Ultra Max

  • The Ultra Max shares the same small body concept of the Ultra Swede, yet with a slightly larger proportioned mahogany body topped with a thick custom carved maple top. In stock now - Available in four gorgeous satin finishes!

Zildjian Chroma Drumsticks

  • The Zildjian Chroma drumsticks are the first-ever metallic painted drumsticks in the market. Interacts with light sources for a one-of-a-kind dazzling look, and will for sure get you noticed. 


Högaktuella produkter

Kompakt "allt-i-en" ljud och video-streamer med full HD-kamera, mikrofon och dimbar LED-belysning.
2150:- /st
(1720:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4850202
Behändigt och kraftfullt "allt-i-ett" PA system med trådlös mikrofon. Uppladdingsbar och vattenskyddad. Perfekt för utomhusaktiviteter med mycket väta, poolpartyn, eller på stranden.
5295:- /st
(4236:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4845901
A semi-modular analog synthesizer that makes modular synthesis accessible, fun and easier to use.
2095:- /st
(1676:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 8010267
North American maple shell, reinforcement rings, and the classic styling of single-flanged hoops, which evoke musical traditions with modern execution.
6695:- /st
(5356:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4030227
Electric-powered height adjustable keyboard stand
9400:- /st
(7520:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 25518800
Sound isolators for medium sized studio monitors
290:- /par
(232:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4521071
The ultimate rock, hardcore and metal amplifier with its raw tone, relentless power and road-proven reliability.
10495:- /st
(8396:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 7301512
Motorized DJ control system without the hassle of fragile needles and skipping tone arms.
8450:- /st
(6760:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4866212
Three-piece folding music stand - Black
1030:- /st
(824:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 25510810
VOX MV50-AC GUITAR AMPLIFIER. Analog pre-amp featuring the iconic tones of classic VOX AC. Monster sound, minimal size – the MV50 is the ultimate modern amp.
2150:- /st
(1720:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 8046900
4-channel (store and recall) solid state combo amplifier with built-in digital effects, 30W with 10” speaker. The variety of tonal options in this amp are sure to compliment any style
2350:- /st
(1880:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 2792130
Nät/batteridrivet T-BAR Ljusset med RGBW-ledlampor, Stativ och Trådlös fotpedal!
3995:- /set
(3196:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 5501098
The Rane SEVENTY-TWO is a premium 2-channel mixer built for the pro club and scratch DJ
19995:- /st
(15996:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4866172
De mest säljande ZBT-series cymbalerna i ett och samma pack! Gratis Zildjian stockar medföljer.
2995:- /set
(2396:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 1822503
VOX MV50 ROCK GUITAR AMPLIFIER Analog pre-amp featuring the revolutionary Nutube. Monster sound, minimal size – the MV50 is the ultimate modern rock´n roll amp.
2150:- /st
(1720:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 8046904
Fully Featured Super Compact Monitor Controller
5795:- /st
(4636:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 2100903
Unique wireless microphone solution designed to meet the specific demands of singers, presenters, educators, interviewers and other active performers.
4995:- /st
(3996:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 1500303
A synthesizer like no other, MicroFreak is a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician. It blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. It features a unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard. It adds controlled randomness to sequences. This isn’t a revolution, it’s a mutiny.
3195:- /st
(2556:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 2405440
Unique wireless microphone solution designed to meet the specific demands of fitness instructors and other active performers.
4795:- /st
(3836:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 1500301
Studio Monitor Stands
1450:- /par
(1160:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 1518323
An evolved next-generation analog synthesizer with huge potential for sound design and performance.
6595:- /st
(5276:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 8010281
High performance in-ear headphones with remote
1295:- /st
(1036:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 9168903
Mobile Digital Piano with expressive instrument voices, professional accompaniment tracks and a powerful sound system.
3895:- /st
(3116:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 3831980
2000 Watt - 12"- ultra-compact powered subwoofer for installation and highly portable entertainment applications.
12795:- /st
(10236:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 1398471
Powered studio monitor with professional performance and accuracy for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. 5" woofer + 1" soft dome tweeter. Limited Stealth Edition
1495:- /st
(1196:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 1772059
Professionell mobil PA-anläggning med batteridrift
7395:- /st
(5916:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4845903
2-channel 20-Watt all tube Mini-Head with microphone Simulated Direct ouput via XLR or USB.
5495:- /st
(4396:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 7314152
Peavey's Nashville™ Series has long been the standard for steel guitarists, and the company's support of this genre continues with the Nashville™ 112. A perfect sized Steel-Guitar combo for rehearsals and gigs with
6950:- /st
(5560:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 7361502
Professionellt "öppet" standalone-system med 4-kanaler och 10” touchskärm
17995:- /st
(14396:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4847304
Stålsträngad akustisk gitarr med solitt lock i gran. Levererar varmt och vackert ljud, långt över dess låga pris.
1395:- /st
(1116:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4330400
Kompakt PA i kolumnformat
6295:- /st
(5036:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 3909121
Special Edition Siljan II Grand Auditorium med cutaway och elektronik, Emerald Green finish. Kombinationen av Sitka-gran i locket och mahogny i sidor och botten ger en varm och välbalanserad ton som bara kommer att bli bättre och bättre med tiden.
5895:- /st
(4716:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 3079902
Takamine EF360GF är en exakt reproduktion av Glenns absolut första Takamine gitarr– den gitarr som hörts av miljontals Eagles-fans vid konserter över hela världen.
17995:- /st
(14396:- exkl moms)
Art.nr: 4206360


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