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Lightweight 2-Way, Self-Powered Loudspeaker. 12"/1500w

16270,00 kr/st

•    Leading-edge touring grade transducers
•    Lightweight and durable resonant free enclosure
•    EAW Focusing for unmatched clarity and accuracy
•    Consistent sonic signature even outside of its pattern

The LA Series delivers EAW signature performance in a portable and lightweight package.
Each enclosure in the series is first designed around the latest breed of touring grade HF and LF transducers. The unique and intelligent features of the series include EAW Focusing which
provides unmatched musical clarity and tonal accuracy. The conical horn featured in the LA series provides consistent high frequency performance throughout coverage area.

The asymmetric pattern of the horn maintains high frequency directivity where it is required
and eliminates unwanted reflections. The lightweight and durable enclosure has been
meticulously designed to eliminate any enclosure resonance and houses on-board bi-amplified electronics (1500W) featuring signature EAW DSP including Focusing and DynO.

Our Resolution software platform is a powerful and easy-to-use simulation software that
accurately predicts the performance of one or multiple LA Series enclosures within a venue or performance.

•    Max SPL: 137dB
•    Operating Range:  47 Hz to 20 kHz
•    Nominal Beamwidth: 90° Conical, Vertically Asymmetric (+40, -50)
•    LF Transducer: 12in Cone, 2.5in Voice Coil, Vented
•    HF Transducer: 1.4in Exit, 3in voice coil neodymium compression driver, Linear Conical Waveguide
•    Operating Mode: Bi-Amp LF, HF
•    Signal Processing : DSP with EAW Focusing and DynO
•    Modes: Main / Monitor, HPF Select
•    Input Type: Electronically Balanced XLR / TRS
•    Loop Type: Electronically Balanced XLR
•    Amplifier: Class D - Max Output LF / HF (Peak) 1500W
•    AC Mains (nominal) Connector Neutrik PowerCON®
•    Input: 100-120V or 200-240V, 50-60Hz
•    Material: Acoustically Enhanced Polypropylene
•    Dimensions: (H × W × D) 640 x 380 x 365mm
•    Net Weight: 18kg
•    Shipping Weight: 22kg