Artikelnummer 1958902

Whirlwind SELXL

Push to talk XLR A-B switch

4325,00 kr/st

The SelectorXL is a programmable footswitch device that provides two signal paths for a microphone with independent muting of each path. Switching between outputs is completely silent and noise free.

  • Silent A/B switching at mic levels thru both XLR outputs
  • Advanced circuitry eliminates popping, noise and level changes
  • Dipswitches provide full configuration of switching modes
  • Outputs are protected from external Phantom power
  • Full 48VDC phantom power to input jack
  • Power supply (230v/24v not included) required for Phantom power
  • Bright LEDs indicate output ON status
  • Heavy-duty steel enclosure
  • Easy access for battery replacement