Artikelnummer 1853007

Zildjian Gen16 Cymbal Mounting Kit

Monterings-kit för Gen 16 A/E cymbaler.

245,00 kr/st

The AE Cymbal Mounting Kit is designed specifically for the AE Cymbal System. Two different thicknesses of cymbal dampers made from a neoprene material are included - each designed to isolate cymbal vibrations and channel sound to the AE Pickup and not through the drum hardware (cymbal stand/mount). Each kit includes a dampening pin for each cymbal. This pin can be placed in any hole to reduce overtone, shorten decay, and lower the fundamental pitch of the cymbal. Also included, are specially formulated PVC cymbal sleeves that help isolate cymbal vibration from mounting hardware. Two lengths are supplied to fit most manufacture's acoustic and electric cymbal mounts (stands and boom arms). Note: When replacing electronic trigger pads, make sure to take ALL electronic pad mounting accessories off of supplied hardware.

  • 2 Thick neoprene cymbal dampers
  • 2 Thin neoprene cymbal dampers
  • 2 PVC cymbal sleeves (one short / one long)
  • 1 Cymbal disc (fits below hardware / wing screw)