Artikelnummer 1853001

Zildjian Gen16 Cymbal 5 Channel Digital Cymbal Processor

Kontrollenhet för Gen16 A/E system. Hjärtat i hela systemet.

4795,00 kr/st

The DCP (Digital Cymbal Processor) is the heart of the AE (Acoustic Electric) Cymbal System. With it’s built in DSP engine, you can instantly change the tone of your AE cymbals to fit the mood, vibe, or tune. With a wide variety of Tone Shapes at your fingertips, you’ll be inspired to explore new musical possibilities with this new and innovative instrument.

- 20 Tone Shapes/Presets per channel - 100 total

- 11 Reverb Presets

- Channel Volume

- Channel Pan

- Master Volume

- Headphone Volume

- Drum/Cymbal Mix blend

- Stereo Reverb return Level

- 5 Cymbal inputs

- Stereo 1/4” e-drum/Line inputs

- Stereo 1/8” MP3/CD player input

- USB for firmware updates

- Stereo Main output

- 1/8" Headphone output