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ARTURIA FX-Collection software effects bundle, download code

Audio effects you’ll actually use

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An inspiring array of software effects that combine music industry heritage with futuristic features, and unparalleled sound quality with intuitive workflow. Enhance your music with the perfect collection of software effects that you need, that you’ll use: compressors, delays, reverbs, preamps, and filters.

Treat your sound right

The result of decades of dedicated research, analysis, and modelling, these 15 superb effects will totally transform the way you record and mix your music. Combining history’s finest outboard effects, console components, and pedals with fresh, contemporary features and abilities, FX Collection is an essential tool for the modern producer.

Thanks to Arturia’s exclusive modelling technologies, They have not only brought these classics to life, but also given them contemporary “must have” features that make them the perfect choice for today’s producer. Arturia have also included some totally original Arturia designs, letting you process things creatively in a way that would be simply impossible with vintage hardware.

Everything you need

FX Collection puts 15 totally unique, incredibly usable effects at your command. Each one has been carefully chosen for this anthology for its distinctive tone and sound-shaping abilities.


Control your dynamics with iconic FET, VCA, and vacuum tube outboard. Comp VCA-65, Comp FET-76, and Comp TUBE-STA.


Get creative with saturated tape, lo-fi BBD, and futuristic digital echo. Delay TAPE-201, Delay MEMORY BRIGADE, and Delay ETERNITY.


Create and experiment with smooth plate, vibrant spring, and digital reverbs. Rev PLATE-140, Rev SPRING-636, and Rev INTENSITY.


The “secret weapon” sound of countless pro studios, now in your DAW. 1973-PRE, TridA-Pre, and V76-Pre.


Use the defining tone-shaping control of the greatest synths on any sound source. Mini-Filter, M12-Filter, and SEM-Filter.

Music heritage meets cutting-edge tech

Arturia’s innovative techniques let them revive studio classics, but they also give Arturia the power to add new abilities. Features like look-ahead tracking, sidechaining, envelope followers, and advanced tone-shaping bring these effects to a whole new level. Some of the plugins are even totally original Arturia designs, which combine what they love most about different effects, and presenting you with exciting, never before seen creative possibilities.

Make them yours

Every parameter in every FX Collection plugin can be mapped to your favorite MIDI controller for instant, hands-on control of your mix. Perform the sweep of a filter with ease, fine-tune the sweet spot of your preamp, or create some space-age warble with tape speed adjustments on the fly.

These effects can be part of your creative process in the same way as your instruments. Use them, perform with them, play them, and find new, inventive, and personal ways to bring your music to life.


·  15 effects all in one ultimate bundle

·  Compressors: Comp VCA-65, Comp FET-76, Comp TUBE-STA

·  Delays: Delay TAPE-201, Delay MEMORY BRIGADE, Delay ETERNITY

·  Reverbs: Rev PLATE-140, Rev SPRING-636, Rev INTENSITY

·  Preamps: 1973-PRE, TridA-Pre, V76-Pre

·  Filters: Mini-Filter, M12-Filter, SEM-Filter

·  All the features and sounds of the original units, with added modern features

·  Every parameter in every FX Collection plugin can be mapped to a MID controller