Personal Monitor Mic Preamp with phantom power

Artikelnummer 9127596

1540,00 kr/st

The Rolls PM60 is an all in one Personal Monitor headphone amp with a fully functional Microphone Preamp built in. Now there is a way to have a personal monitor without the need for a dedicated mixer board with a mic preamp and microphone phantom power. The PM60 has all those features built in. The PM60 has many uses other than personal monitoring, it can be used as a stand-alone mic preamp with headphone monitoring, it can be used as a mic monitoring headphone amp for direct recording, and it can also be used as a two channel mixer with stereo line 1/4" or 1/8" out. It is perfect for podcasting, home recording, mixing, boom mic monitoring for camera recording and mixing, or as a stand-alone personal monitor. The PM60 is an all in one unit that has many capabilities. Made in the USA, with an all steel chassis, the PM60 is built to last.

  • Gain: 10dB 1/4" or 1/8", 48 dB XLR "mic"
  • Input Impedance: 600 Ohms XLR, 22K 1/4” or 1/8” line
  • Output Impedance: 10 Ohms Headphone
  • Frequency Response: 3Hz to 100kHz
  • THD: .05% @ 1kHz
  • S/N Ratio: 90 dB
  • PWR: 9-15 VDC
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Indicator: 1 Power LED
  • 1/4" and 1/8" Headphone Outputs
  • Ground Lift on XLR Mic
  • Mono or Stereo 1/4" or 1/8" Monitor Input
  • Individual Level controls
  • Included PS27s power supply