Artikelnummer 1180901

Kyser KCPK1 Instrument Care Pack

Citronolja, polish, strängrengörning, samt 3 fiberdukar i ett och samma pack.

220,00 kr/set

The Kyser KCPK1 Instrument Care Pack includes everything you need to keep your instrument in good shape!

  • Lemon Oil - The ideal choice to keep your fretboard from drying out, and to extend the life of your instrument. With a healthy fretboard, your instruments gets easier and faster to play.
  • Instrument Polish - Not only does polish keep your instrument nice and shiny, the tone is also affected from dirt and oil. A clean and shiny instrument, also sounds better!
  • String Cleaner - Take good care of your strings to get the most out of your instrument! Clean strings - Clean tone! 
  • The KCPK1 Instrument Care Pack also includes 3 Fiber Cloths in different colors.