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Samson Go Mic Mobile

Capturing high-quality audio for your video productions is crucial, but it’s one of the most overlooked details when making mobile films. Shooting a scene that’s a little blurry or too dark may be forgivable by viewers, but ambient noise, poor signal, gain issues and hum can kill interest in your video quickly. Samson’s Go Mic Mobile eliminates these problems by making it easy to get the mic off of your phone or camera and close to the subject. Whether you’re on location or on the set, Go Mic Mobile makes it possible to capture studio-quality sound wherever you go.

Go Mic Mobile allows the modern filmmaker to be completely wireless, and to have a professional 2-channel audio capture device that’s more portable than just about any other piece of gear in your setup. Whether you want to capture audio directly to your smartphone, camera or to a separate field recording device, Go Mic Mobile is set to revolutionize your workflow and save hours of production time and money.
Imagine being able to record two subjects with your phone, but the results sound clean and direct. No background noise, no passing microphones back and forth, and no audio gear other than what you can fit in your pocket. You can utilize a shotgun mic for some ambiance while retaining a single wireless handheld for your presenter. Perhaps you need to use two handheld microphones at the same time, and capture both in-camera? Go Mic Mobile handles all these situations and gives you the freedom to customize transmitter configurations based on your production needs.

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