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Sequenz News


Sequenz releases new accessories.

New accessories brand Sequenz

Sequenz presents a classic line of accessories for working musicians made to the exacting high-quality standards. This all-new brand dramatically challenges convention by focusing completely on what matters most to the player.


Hear yourself the way your audience does.
A stereo monitor speaker that can be used in a variety of locations.

The SonicBar is a stereo monitor speaker that can be used in a variety of locations, such as attached to the SEQUENZ Standard series or placed on the floor or a desk. Since the speaker is specially voiced for close proximity to the performer, it implements natural feeling monitoring with a high-quality stereo image.



This bag for transporting the KORG monologue features a convertible design that lets you change the position of the straps to use the case in two different ways: as a day pack carried on your back, or as a messenger-style shoulder bag. Internally, there is space to accommodate up to a 17-inch MacBook or a 15-inch Windows notebook computer.


Soft Case

A dedicated soft case for either the prologue-16 or 8. This dedicated soft case is designed with removable cushions that allow either the 61-key prologue-16 or the 49-key prologue-8 to be transported and thick cushioned pads provide protection for your prized synth.


Carry Case

A dedicated carrying case for the KORG volca series. This dedicated carrying case for the volca series lets you play your KORG volcas anywhere thanks to the volcas' battery power and built-in speakers.



Padded Case

Dedicated case for volca series, can store up to 4 volcas. Take your volcas anywhere you want. Unleash your creativity wherever you go with this hard-shell case made of EVA (high-density polyethylene resin). The interior features 4 volca sized padded spaces to securely store up to 4 volcas and enough extra space to carry all the necessary AC adapters and cables.



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