VOX – NAMM 2021

Mini Go 3/10/50 Mini Go 3/10/50

Portable modeling guitar amplifier.

The VOX MINI GO series guitar amps can be taken with you anywhere you go, letting you enjoy playing anywhere, whether at home, on the street or in a concert venue. These amps are lightweight, compact and can be powered by a mobile battery. They also offer powerful and realistic amp models based on those found in the Cambridge50, as well as a newly developed vocoder for talking modulation effects, onboard effects that let you create a diverse range of sounds, a mic input, AUX input, a headphone jack and a rhythm machine that can play back patterns from many genres... all as standard features. Two of the units in this series, the VOX MINI GO 10 and VOX MINI GO 50 feature an onboard looper. These features allow you to deliver your best performance whenever you want, wherever you go.
The 10 and 50 models are also available in bundles with the VFS3 foot switch to control various features such as the rhythms and looper.

ETA: Summer 2021.

VGH-series: AC30/ROCK/BASS VGH-series: AC30/ROCK/BASS

Just Plug in and Play – Enjoy playing anywhere, any time without fuss.

The VGH Series is a headphone guitar/bass amp that brings you the enjoyment of playing at home, in the rehearsal studio or outdoors just by plugging in to your guitar or bass guitar. When the headphone power is turned off, the product works like a pair of standard headphones, so it’s useful for a variety of situations.

ETA: Spring 2021.

VOX Bobcat V90/S6 with Bigsby VOX Bobcat V90/S66 with Bigsby

Semi-hollow electric guitars – Now available with Bigsby vibrato tailpiece.

The VOX Bobcat Series offers high qualitypickups and playability that stand the test of professional use. The newest models feature a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece—a tailpieceloved by guitar players for many years—and come in two colors: a cool jet black and sapphire blue.

The V90 features a soap-bar type pickup that handles music of many genres with its brilliant high-end characteristic wide sonic range. The S66 combines three single-coil pickups and volume controls for a variety of tones. Each pickup has its own volume control, offering the player six different combinations of sound, letting you enjoy the variations in tone by mixing sound from different pickups.

ETA: Spring 2021.