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Volca är en serie med både analoga och digitala syntar med sequencer skapade för att generera de ultimata ”lead”-ljuden, basarna eller rytmerna. Mycket av tekniken i Volca-serien är också hämtad från den eran då analogt styrde världen.

  • A polyphonic digital synthesizer that completely reproduces a classic FM sound engine.


    True FM synthesis

  • 3-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer, fully compatible with classic unit
  • Super-easy sound editing
  • Onboard CHORUS effect
  • Volca-style sequencing and more

  • 16-step sequencer allows to automate each parameters
  • WARP ACTIVE STEP, ARPEGGIATOR and PATTERN CHAIN make crazy looping rhythms and patterns
  • High playability

  • Make clone by synchronizing two units of volca fm
  • Compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker
  • 1595:- /st
    (1276:- exkl moms)
    Art.nr: 8010265
  • KORG volca kick ANALOGUE KICK GENERATOR An analog kick generator that delivers powerful sounds from kick drum to kick bass


  • Analog kick sounds generated by MS-20 filter oscillation
  • Aggressively control the sound using DRIVE and TONE
  • Powerful kick bass that rules the beat
  • 16-step sequencer allows automation of all parameters
  • ACTIVE STEP generates new beats and bass lines by removing or inserting steps
  • Use ACCENT, SLIDE, and BEND REVERSE to power-up your sequences
  • TOUCH FX controls realtime sequence effects with for instant cuts, breaks and fills
  • Can be synchronized with another unit
  • Compact size, battery powered, built-in speaker
    1595:- /st
    (1276:- exkl moms)
    Art.nr: 8010266


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